Saturday, February 15, 2014

2014  - so I'm back again one year later with just one post. A little disappointing but hey that's life. So what's new with me? I'm around 10 kgs lighter than my last post. Shocking, no? But it's not as great as you might think. Whatever I lost has been muscle weight - so I'm just carrying around a lot of skin and bones and fat! Yes I still feel fat - still have the big belly and a whole lot of other problems with it.

In December 2013, I fell sick and when the doc randomly tested my blood sugar it was 523! What a shocker in some ways and not in some. I knew in the back of my head I was heading disaster zone with the way I ate and lack of exercise, but with everything happening (MIL passed away, lot of work stress) I just put my health on the back burner.

So its almost 2 months since I found out that I have diabetes, and thanks to that shocking wake up call, I've started eating right and exercising. I do yoga 3 times a week and try to walk everyday. My blood work came back last week and my fasting sugar is now 113 which is much better. I guess I just need to continue this lifestyle -  I can't afford to be lazy and sit on the couch the whole time.

The funny part is , this blog is titled 'Lazy no more' and that was in 2007 , but in 2014 I really really cannot afford to be lazy any more.

I don't know whether I'll be posting daily or weekly, but I do want to blog about what's happening in my life. Looking back at my archives has helped me to see that I can do this - I've done this before - I just need to get back on the wagon and not fall off this time.

So here's looking forward to a healthier 2014 and future. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2013 - and Jan is almost over! Me and resolutions never got along - so here I am posting , once again kicking off ye ole blog. Blogger has changed in the last 2 years - I'm a little lost but hoping to catch up soon both on Blogger and moving my ass in 2013.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

so its almost the end of the first day of my life :)

and what did i eat/exercise today?

eating - sporadic - spent most of the day in the bathroom..IBS i suspect. so it was down for comfort foods, except for the 1 hour where i faced a buffet and thought i was fine to eat anything!

brunch - Half of a 2 egg omelet, 3 small pork sausages, 1 grilled tomato, few grilled mushrooms, 1,1/2 slices of brown bread toast, 1/2 glass of orange juice/iced tea.

snack - 3 crackers, 1 piece of chicken breast

dinner - 3 boiled potatoes mashed, with a bit of salt.

thats it so far. trying to hold out for the day - will get some crackers if im still hungry later on.

no exercise - didnt feel up to it in the evening thanks to my loo episodes.

tomorrow - im off to the gym! theres a kickboxing session - still wondering if i should brave that out, or go to the treadmill. lets see how it goes :D wish me luck in waking up early.

Hello 2011

so im back. after almost a 2 yr hiatus and a gain of around 10 kgs. oh well, time to get back on the wagon. the last 2 years were fun in terms of eating and drinking - i think i ate almost everything, i never restricted myself and didnt think too much about exercising. visits to the gym were sporadic - i spent 3 months in brum which triggered my McD binges, tesco binges - u name it! anyhoo, back to the present. i really wanted to start a week before New Years - i didnt want it to be a new years resolution coz i usually fail at those. but then i realized its all in the head. i know, coz ive done this before, the whole getting in shape thing, so its not like i cant do it. i just have to apply myself. and there are 2 main reasons why i need to do it.

  • acid reflux - for the last few weeks i find myself feeling nauseous and getting a bit of throwup in my throat - its starting to scare me, im only 31 and i certainly dont want to start having to take medication this young. i know obesity is a main reason for this - so i definitely have to start cutting down on my intake.
  • cousins wedding - my cousin is getting married in august 2011, and i really want to look good for the wedding. i know how great i felt and looked at my wedding in 2007 and really want to feel the same way - not to worry how i'll look in photos, or what the rest of my family thinks of me.
so here's looking at 2011 - im off to the salon in a few mins, looking pretty always helps :) will do a walk tonight and off to the gym tomorrow. will do a short post soon on what im going to do exactly in the next few months.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

im baack!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Marshmallows's Scavenger Hunt

so i have decided to come out of hiatus for marshmallow's scavenger hunt! is this going to be a yearly affair marshy ? :) i hope i have a good shot at those prizes. they sound abso yumm! since i already have a copy of shaunas book, im going to request marshy to leave it out IN CASE im selected :) so here goes...a very special valentines edition for marshmallows scavenger hunt!

Something Brown - Dark Chocolate - got it this morning as my Valentines Day gift - made my day!

Something Orange - something that i started off Valentines Day with a juicy orange!

Something Purple - flowers i love and I hope my valentine will bring me this year!

A Marshmallow - Peeps valentine edition...yumm!

A Cat - Aww....wouldnt you want a cutie like this for Valentines day?

Someone sleeping - Hmmmm....looks like a lovely dream after Valentines day!

The Letter M - M for mmmmmmYummmm....Valentines cake!

The Letter W - W for woooooohooo..Valentines gifts ...hehe..ok im being silly.

well, i hope you like the post. Happy Valentines Day!

Monday, August 13, 2007

I love me some dark cacao...

well...i had a salt and chocolate filled weekend...72% cacao goes down very well with thai food and french fries:) lol...but seriously , i feel ok about it. because i know i can go back to the gym and burn it off. the old me would have been upset and gone on a guilt binge. but now, im just like where are my apples and that nice cold bottle of water? :)